This survey vessel was converted to a minelayer to augment the minelaying capacity in the East Indies. She never saw actual service in this role.

Bangkalan still as Hydrograaf, 1936

Construction details
Name Bangkalan
Dockyard Nederlands-Indische Scheepsbouw en Kustvaart Mij, Lasem
Laid down  
Launched 1926
Commissioned 1926 (merchantile service)
February 16, 1942 (minelayer)

Displacement 397 gross registered tons
Crew 26
Dimensions 42,95 x 7,5 x 2,95 m
Armament 1 x 75 mm
2 x 12.7 mm MG
Mines 30

Propulsion details
Boilers cylindrical boiler*
Machinery 1 Triple-expansion-engine
Shafts 1
Bunkerage ... tons coal
Performance 360 hp
Max Speed 10 knots
* The Japanese rebuilt the Bangkalan with an oil-fired Yarrow boiler


Originally tug Willem van Braam; converted to survey vessel Hydrograaf in 1935 and commissioned by the Dienst der Scheepvaart. Under conversion to auxiliary minelayer Bangkalan in February, 1942 at the Naval Dockyard Soerabaja. Damaged February 18, 1942 in Soerabaja by air attack, scuttled by own crew March 2, 1942. Salvaged by the Japanese and commissioned. Found post-war and commissioned as buoy vessel Bangkalan in 1946. Turned over to Indonesian government in 1949 or 1950. Fate unknown.

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