Bases Introduction
Naval Base Soerabaja
Soerabaja was the main base for the RNN, and perhaps one of the best equipped bases in Asia.
The value of a well-equipped base is often overlooked by historians, but it is a fact that without a place where the crews can rest and their ships can be repaired by capable technicians, no fleet could eventually survive. The Dutch put much time and effort into keeping their bases on an advanced level with regard to the facilities present, in contrast to other navies. One feature which comes to light is the exceptionally advanced facilities of the submarineservice. This was not surprising, as the offensive capabilities of the navy mostly relied on the ships of this branch. With the introduction of the Battlecruiserplan of 1940, the budget to improve the accessibility and facilities was increased, but most of the work in both the Netherlands and Netherlands East Indies was not yet completed when the Germans and Japanese attacked in May 1940 and December 1941 respectively.
At the start of the war, Tjilatjap was totally unsuited for delivering large amounts of goods to the island of Java. However, due to the strategic importance it had, much effort was put into making this port capable of performing her future task.
Tandjong Priok, Batavia
Tandjong Priok was in earlier years the primary base of operations for the fleet in the NEI. However, with the final choosing as Soerabaja, little was done to improve her facilities, despite the fact she was situated near the import Sunda Strait. This changed after May 1940.
Naval Base "Willemsoord" Den Helder   (not yet available)
The naval base at Den Helder has traditionally been the primary base of operations in the Netherlands, and as such was equipped to perform the tasks required to keep a fleet in service.
Naval Base "Pareira", Curaçao
Initially erected for MTBs, the base Parera had a short but eventful life, situated on the strategically important island Curaçao. Due to the fact not many ships were stationed in this part of the world, it never grew to the size of Soerabaia or Den Helder.

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