I have neglected this part of the site for far too long, and finally got around to updating it. The problem was however that during the past four years, I have come across so many people who selflessly sent information and photos for the site. If your name is not mentioned below, please don't take it as a sign your efforts were not appreciated; if you would like your name to be mentioned below, or if you spot mistakes in the list, please let me know.

Allan Alsleben American naval historian, with a special interest in the history of the Japanese Imperial Navy during W.W.II.
Christopher Amano-Langtree British naval historian, and author of the book "The Kelly's: British J, K and N class Destroyers of World War II", published in 2003. Chris was instrumental in identifying British warships on photos.
Jaap Anten Dutch naval historian and author of "Hr.Ms. Kruisers 'Java' and 'Sumatra'", published in 2001 by Asia Maior. Jaap was so kind to give feedback on parts of the site.
Willem Cool Webmaster and amateur naval historian. His specialty are the Dutch warships in service after the war. Willem helped me out on numerous occasions with questions about post-war ships.
Ruud Filon Dutch veteran, former crewman of the coastal defence ship Soerabaja (1941) and the sloop Soemba (1941-1944). Ruud wrote the booklet "Drie oorlogsjaren aan boord van Hr.Ms. Soemba", which describes his experiences during the Japanese invasion of the N.E.I., and the war on board the Soemba, in the Mediterranean and later at Normandy.
Björn Forsman Björn from Sweden kindly provided numerous bits of information about guns used in the R.N.N.
Gerard Horneman Dutch naval historian. Gerard permitted me to use several images from his collection for the site, and he was very helpful in providing information.
Hans Jehee Dutch naval historian specialized in the history of the Kriegsmarine, with an emphasis on the war in the Dutch coastal waters during World War II. Hans was so kind to send information about Dutch warships in Kriegsmarine service.
Mark C. Jones American naval historian who's focus lies with the smaller navies in exile during World War II. Mark has sent me tons of information during the past few years, and also wrote a number of the book reviews.
Adriaan Kannegieter Dutch veteran, former crewman of the cruiser Sumatra (1940) and the minesweeper Pieter de Bitter (1941-1942). Adriaan wrote a booklet about his experiences titled "Adriaan Kannegieter ging naar de marine, maakte een wereldreis en werkte als Japans krijgsgevangene aan de aanleg van de Burma spoorlijn".
Don Kindell Historian from the United States. Don was instrumental in putting the order of battles for the Singapore reinforcement convoys together. He was always ready to supply information whenever I needed it.
Sander Kingsepp Sander is amateur naval historian living in Estonia, with a special interest in the Japanese navy. He with his associate Bob Hackett are responsible for the submarine and cruiser sections of the site Sander kindly translated Japanese logs from Japanese and also supplied numerous bits of information.
Jan Klootwijk Jan is an amateur naval historian, who has kindly provided the site with many photos and corrections.
Jacek G. Kolodziejczyk Amateur naval historian from Poland. Jacek was so kind to provide me with copies of interesting vintage articles.
Michal Kopacz Michal from Poland kindly provided images and information.
Bert Kossen Amateur aviation historian from Holland. Bert helped me out with questions involving Dutch aircraft and -forces.
Peter Kreuzer Austrian amateur naval historian, specialized in the history of the Kriegsmarine.
Maurice Laarman Dutch amateur naval historian, specialized in the history of the Kriegsmarine. Maurice provided me with information of Dutch warships in German service.
Kevin Lock Kevin was so kind to scan many photos from the collection of Australian naval officer Saxon Fogarty. Some of the photos appear on this site.
Klemen L Webmaster of the site The Netherlands East Indies campaign 1941-1942. Klemen provided me with numerous bits and pieces of information about the Netherlands East Indies campaign.
Dan Muir For providing me so much information and pictures, I will always be in debt. Dan was a great help when I first started this website.
Sergei Myagkov For contributing several interesting images.
Leland Ness Historian from the U.S.A. Lee did a lot of digging at the National Archives a few years back, and kindly released his findings to anyone interested in the material.
Bram Otto Webmaster of the site Dutch the submarines of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Bram sent me many photos and helped me out on numerous occasions.
Jürgen Poehnl Jürgen kindly sent me information about Dutch warships in Kriegsmarine service.
Clay Ramsey Clay was so kind to provide me with action reports of Combined Striking Force operations.
Bob Roetering Dutch naval historian and author of "90 jaar mijnendienst". Bob kindly supplied info about Dutch mines
Rein Rovers Webmaster of Baksgewijs, a virtual meeting place for Dutch naval veterans.
Rob Sabel As a photo collector from Holland, Rob was so kind to scan me articles and photos from his collection.
Piet Sinke Also known as "Navpic Holland", Piet sent me a number of images for me to use on the site.
Dag Sundkuist Dag kindly sent me numerous articles etc. about foreign guns in Dutch service, and correct mistakes in the "Guns"-section.
Ronny and Olaf van Hoften Ronny and Olaf are both collectors of warship photos and postcards. They kindly put parts of their collections relevant to the site at this site's disposal.
Tom Womack Historian and author, Tom's specialties include the war in the Netherlands East Indies during 1941 and 1942, and the Dutch naval air service (MLD) during this period. Tom provided me with numerous bits of information, and kindly allowed me to published several chapters of his unpublished manuscript "For God, Queen And Country", about the Japanese invasion of the N.E.I. in 1941.
Richard Worth Naval historian from Florida, U.S.A., and author of the book "Fleets of World War II". Richard helped me out on numerous occasions.

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