Christiaan Cornelis-class torpedoboat

Last of the K-class torpedoboats. By 1940, she was not suited for offensive sorties, and was therefore assigned for patrol duty on the Dutch rivers in the east of the Netherlands.

Christiaan Cornelis

Construction details
Name Christiaan Cornelis
Dockyard Mij Feijenoord, Schiedam
Laid down 1904
Launched September 1 1905
Commissioned December 28 1905
Pennant No CC
History Sunk by own crew on May 13 1940 after being damaged by infantryfire of German paratroopers on the Hollands Diep near Rotterdam.

Displacement 47,9 t
Crew 12
Dimensions 30 x 3,6 x 1,72 m
Armament 1 x 37 mm
Torpedoes 1 45 cm torpedogun
1 45 cm torpedotube

Propulsion details
Boilers 1 cylindrical boiler
Machinery reciprocating system
Range 500 miles @ 9 knots
Shafts 1
Bunkerage 5 tons coal
Performance 592 hp
Max Speed 18,6 knots

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