15 cm No. 9, 10 and 11

These guns were improvements of the Mark 6. The Tromp, the only surviving ship with this type, was later supplied with British and American built 5.9 inch shells, which didn't work very satisfactory. The difference between the guns were the mounts used. The guns for De Ruyter were based upon the Swedish M/30 design, which was mounted on the seaplane-cruiser Gotland in 1934.

De Ruyter firing her main guns during an exercise (Associated Press photo, collection webmaster)

Gun specs
Manufacturer Bofors, Sweden
Purpose Against surface targets. A limited role as AA-weapon was envisioned as well, but the mounts proved to be too cumbersome in practice.
Bore 149,1 mm
Classes used on Mark 9 and 10:
Mark 11:
De Ruyter-class cruiser
Tromp-class cruiser
Length 50 calibers
Gunweight 7,5 tons
Initial velocity 2953 feet/sec
Rate of fire 5 - 6 rounds minute
Shell specs
Shell types Dutch HE and AP, British HE
Shell weight Dutch HE:
Dutch AP:
British HE:
46 kg
46,7 kg
45,3 kg
Range 23,200 yards @ 29 degrees
30000 yards @ 45 degrees
Mount specs
Mount type Mark 9:
Mark 10:
Mark 11:
Double mount (De Ruyter)
Single mount (De Ruyter)
Double mount (Tromp-class)
Elevation +60 / -10 degrees
Mount armor De Ruyter: 30 mm sides
100 mm front
Tromp: 15 mm all sides

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