Janssens-class supplyship

Janssens at sea (thanks to Roel Zwama)

Construction details
Name Janssens
Dockyard P. Smit Jr in Rotterdam
Commissioned 1935
Owner Koninklijke Paketvaart Maatschappij, Amsterdam
Status Commandeered by RNN in September 1939 for service as a submarinemothership and supplyship for the seagoing squadron. Escaped from Tjilatjap to Australia March 3 1942. Returned to the KPM May 4 1942. Survived the war, sold to Panama as Ban Ho Hin in 1958. Renamed Tirta Mulia in 1973.

Gross weight 2.071
Crew 60
Dimensions 80,80 x 13,13 x ?
Armament 2 x 50 mm
4 x .50

Propulsion details
Boilers -
Machinery 1 diesel
Performance 1000 hp
Max speed 11 knots
Bunkerage ... tons oil

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