Built by the naval dockyard in Soerabaja, she suffered from problem typical for the ships produced by this dockyard: bad stability and bad manoeuvrability. She capsized off Soerabaja on October 11 1932, fortunately without casualties. She remained there until raised on December 3rd, after which she was towed to Soerabaja and repaired at the Naval dockyard. She served in the NEI after recommissioning on September 4 1934, and she was stationed in Soerabaja as the Japanese attacked. She first laid a minefield in Madoera Strait with the Gouden Leeuw and Soemba on December 15 1941. She served as a mothership of MTB's in Pangpang Bay on Eastern Java after the disastrous Battle of Badung Strait. She returned to Soerabaja where she helped to scuttle the remaining ship. She herself was eventually also scuttled off Madura coast by her own crew, March 8 or 9 1942

Krakatau capsized near Soerabaja, October 11 1932

Construction details
Name Krakatau
Dockyard Marine Etablissement, Soerabaja ( naval dockyard )
Laid down February 1923
Launched February 2 1924
Commissioned December 11 1924
Pennant No -

Displacement 982 t /
Crew 91 - 105
Dimensions 65,0 x 10,0 x 3,2 m
Armament 2 x 75 mm (2 x 1)
4 x .50
Mines 150

Propulsion details
Boilers Cylindrical boilers
Machinery 1 Triple-expansion-engine
Shafts 1
Bunkerage ... tons coal
Performance 2500 hp
Max Speed 15,5 knots

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