Unnamed Minelayer

Design history
The Navy relied heavily on mines to protect vital areas such as ports and shipping lanes, and was in constant shortage of vessels to lay them. After the fall of the Netherlands, plans were made in fall 1940 for a purpose-built minelayer, the largest ever built for the navy. Materials had to be acquired abroad and were in short supply, which caused construction to proceed only slowly. The ship was not completed before the fall of Java.

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Construction Details

Name Unknown[1]
Dockyard Marine Etablissement Soerabaja
Laid down Late 1941
Launched -
Commissioned -
History Laid down at the Soerabaja Naval Dockyard. Destroyed by own destruction parties March 1942. Never repaired by Japanese.
[1]: this ship is usually referred to as "Mijnenlegger 1" (Minelayer 1)


Displacement 1900 - 2000 tons
Dimensions 86 m (length)[1]
Armament 2 x 102 mm[2]
6 x 40 mm Bofors (3x2)[3]
4 x 20 mm (2x2)[3]
Mines 186 mines, type unknown [1].
[1]: GB110, volume 4, chapter 4, p.44.
[2]: These were considered too light but presumably these were the only ones available (from stocks intended for arming merchant ships). An armament of 2 x 120 mm was preferred if these guns could be acquired.
[3]: GB110, volume 5, chapter 5, p.18.

Propulsion Details

Shafts 2
Performance 4800 hp
Max Speed 19 knots

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