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This is the section where I will post mystery photos. If you have more information about the photos, please send me an e-mail.

Solved mystery photos

Photo of Dutch sailors in training, presumably in 1939. The photo is from the collection of Earl Tieman. Earl's father Paul Tieman is shown in the top row, 7th from the left (#1).

Does anyone know where this photo was taken? Can anyone identify other persons in the photo?

Click to enlarge The First Sea Lord of the British Admiralty, A.V. Alexander seen here visiting a Dutch warship. Can anyone perhaps identify the time and place, or perhaps persons in the photograph?

Januari 18, 2010. Reply by Christopher Green: On either 13 June 1942 or 1943, First Lord of the Admiralty Alexander and Flag Officer Submarines Sir Max Horton visited the Dutch submarines O9 and O10 in Rothesay. I believe that the officer second from the left of Alexander (#1)(at a 45 degree angle) is Horton (#2). See Since this web site on Dutch submarines is uncertain as to whether is was 1942 or 1943, all that I can say is that this picture may have been taken during this visit. The vessel that they are on is hard to identify but it is very narrow. Could it be one of these Dutch submarines with some sort of an awning overhead? Horton was appointed the Commander-in-Chief, Western Approaches as of 17 November 1942. If this Dutch submarines web site is correct in saying that Horton that was the Flag Officer Submarines during the visit, perhaps 13 June 1942 is the most likely date.
Click to enlarge Officers sworn in at Den Helder, probably during the 1930s. Can anyone identify the officers in question or date the photo? They have been numbered for easy reference. The scan is from an old postcard.

April 25, 2003 Reply by the webmaster: I believe #3 to be Maarten Hendrik van Dulm, a 1934-graduate of the naval academy. This identification is based upon comparison with a photo I found in the database of a maritime museum, but I am not 100% sure.

October 2003: Lilian van Dulm, daughter of M.H. van Dulm, confirms that #3 is NOT M.H. van Dulm.

April 4, 2004: Reply from Jan-Maarten Doorman: "...The photo of the three sublieutenants being sworn in must have been taken in September 1931 or 1932. The man on the left [#1] is RADM C.J.E. Brutel de la Rivière. The leftmost [#2] of the sublieutenants strongly resembles J.H.W.S. Laman Trip, who was killed on board the destroyer Isaac Sweers in 1942, but I am not sure, since I have no materials to do a comparison. Some indication is given by a photo in the book "Op erewoord...." by J.N.J. van der Meij on page 14. The author once mentioned to me the names of the sublieutants on that page, namely, on the left Laman Trip, in the center [G.J.] Platerink and on the right Van der Meij himself. The only strange thing with the photo on your site is that this administration of the oath is done outside, whereas in the book by Van der Meij the location is a shed....".
"....The RADM is certainly Brutel de la Rivière, who was Commanding Officer of Willemsoord [Naval base] from 1931 to 1934...."

August 9, 2004: Reply by Michael Laman Trip: "...The officer on the left is definitely not my uncle Jan Laman Trip. It is No.3 (the officer in the middle) or it is my father, who closely resembles him, but my father was beedigd in England during WW2, so I suppose it can't be him on the photo. I know Oom Jan was beedigd the same time as Van der Mey and my father has a photo of that ceremony somewhere in his belongings.If this is indeed the same ceremony then Van der Mey is the one on the left (he always stood slightly hunched)..."

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