Profiles Introduction
De Ruyter
This famous cruiser was flagship of the Combined Striking Force during the disastrous Battle of the Java Sea in late February 1942
Although the RNN was one of the smaller navies, her ships served with distinction throughout the Second World War. I have gathered here the histories of the most larger and most active warships. However, most of my sources do not always provide the most accurate and interesting details, and feedback will be highly appreciated.
Together with her sistership Soemba, she was active in the Mediterranean and in the Normandy area as bombardment ship
Isaac Sweers
Isaac Sweers was the only destroyer that managed to reach the UK after the invasion of the Netherlands. There she was rebuilt and had a short but successful career.
Jacob van Heemskerck
This cruiser was still under construction in May 1940, but managed to reach England under her own power. After completion, she served with success throughout the war
This old ship had a short, but hectic warcareer, as she was engaged in various actions, meant to slow down the Japanese advance in the NEI.
The sloop Soemba was one of the few ships which managed to escape the NEI. She then had a succesful career as bombardment ship in the Mediterranean and off Normandy.
Sumatra was an old cruiser still in active service during the invasion of the Netherlands. She had an anonymous role during the Normandy invasion.
She was the only cruiser to escape the fall of the NEI, and served in the Far East with distinction during the rest of the war in the Far East.
Van Kinsbergen
This sloop was originally built as artillery-instructionship, and served in the West Indies throughout the war.
Willem van der Zaan
This minelayer had a very active career in both Europa and the Far East.
ZH-1 (ex-Gerard Callenburgh)
ZH-1 was the second ship of the Gerard Callenburgh-class to be commissioned, although it was not in any Allied navy.

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