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Construction details
Name Soemenep
Dockyard Soerabaja Droogdok Maatschappij (Soerabaja)
Dockyardnumber 71
Laid down  
Launched 1930
Commissioned 1931 (tugboat)
June 24, 1940 (auxiliary minelayer)
Pennant No -
Career Originally tug of "Zoutregie", converted at Naval Yard in Soerabaja to minelayer in early 1940. Most important action is laying minefield off Balikpapan in early 1942. Scuttled on March 2 1942 in Soerabaja. Salvaged by Japanese, found in Batavia and commissioned as the tug "RS-101", later as "A-871". Transferred to the Indonesian Navy in August 1950. Fate unknown.

Displacement 227 gross tons
Crew 26
Dimensions 35.86 ( pp) x 8.11 x 2.82 m
Armament 2 x .50 MG
Mines 26

Propulsion details
Boilers 1 SE boiler
Machinery 1 triple-expansion-engine *
Shafts 1
Performance 400 hp
Max Speed 10 knots
* engined by Sisson, Gloucester

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