The Combined Striking Force at war

This page is a compilation of photos, featuring the ships of the Combined Striking Force in action in the period December 1941-March 1942. If you have a photo that fits into this category, and you are willing to contribute, please contact me. You will ofcourse be properly credited. When you click on one of the thumbnails, a new window will pop up.

Dutch ships under bombardment near Kangean, February 4 1942. From left to right: a Dutch destroyer, cruisers Tromp and De Ruyter
Ships under fire at Kangean, February 4 1942. Left the heavy cruiser USS Houston, on the right the Dutch De Ruyter
After the USS Marblehead had been severely damaged by Japanese bombs on February 4 1942, she made it to Tjilatjap for some provisional repairs and to drop off her wounded for treatment. The photo shows the damage done to the fantail.
Wounded are carried to waiting Red Cross-wagons for transport to hospitals, February 6 1942.
The Dutch destroyer Van Ghent burning on a reef
HMS Exeter evading bombs on "Black Sunday", February 15 1942. During the engagement, she even managed to take a V-formation of Japanese bombers under fire with her 8-inch guns.
Java under airattack, February 15 1942
USS Stewart with a heavy list in drydock in Soerabaja, late February 1942. Accidents of this kind are very rare.
Exeter capsizing March 1 1942, after she was intercepted by heavy cruisers Nachi, Haguro, Ashigara and Myoko.
HMS Exeter sinking, March 1 1942.
USS Pope sinking after scuttling charges had been set, March 1 1942. Additional bombs by aircraft from the carrier Ryujo aided in the loss.

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