Subchasers A to F

These subchasers were another answer to the rising threat of submarines, which became deadlier as time passed by. Originally, there were 6 planned for the Netherlands, usually referred to as "A to F". It also seems that there were 4 laid down ( or there were plans to do that ) in 1939 in the Netherlands East Indies, with a different set of specifications. The "Dutch" subchasers were to be equipped with boilers and Parsons turbines, but the ones to be built in the NEI were designed with dieselengines, which were most likely to be obtained from Holland or the US. The installation of the turbines and boilers in the version for the homewaters meant that they were bigger than the Diesel-variant. The latter serie of subchasers seem to be part of an unwritten chapter, because I can't find any reference to these ships.

Line drawing of the subchaser with a double 40 mm mount on both the stern and bow

Construction details
Name A to C D to F 4 unnamed NEI
Dockyard Nederlandse Dok- en Scheepsbouw Mij, Amsterdam J & K Smit, Kinderdijk Soerabaja Droogdok Mij
Laid down Orders cancelled May 14 1940 1939

A to F 4 unnamed NEI
Displacement 390 t 328 tons
Crew 49  
Dimensions 65,2 (oa) 64 (pp) x 6,9 x 1,9 m 62,5 (pp) x 6,1 x 2,0 m
Armament 4 x 40 mm 1 x 75 mm
4 x 40 mm
ASW 60 depthcharges  

Propulsion details
A to F 4 unnamed NEI
Boilers   -
Machinery Parsons geared turbines* Dieselengines
Performance 5500 hp** 5000 hp
Shafts 2 2
Max. speed 24 knots 24 knots
* To be built under license by Stork
** I also found 6000 hp

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