Z 1-class torpedoboat

Design history [1]
Class of torpedoboats constructed during World War 1. The designator "Z" reportedly stood for "Zeer Groot" (very large) or Zeegaand (seagoing).

The series Z 1-4 built and completed in the Netherlands was a replacement for an earlier series contracted to be built in Germany before the outbreak of World War I. At the outbreak of the Great War, the ships from the earlier series were taken over by the Kaiserliche Marine while they were still under construction. They were completed for the Kaiserliche Marine as V 105 to V 108. Three survived the war, and V 105 even survived as long to be sunk as the Polish Navy's Mazur on the 1st day of World War II, on September 1, 1939.

As replacement, the Dutch contracted the replacement series Z 1-4 to be built by a shipbuilding yard in the Netherlands. Due to shortages, these ships were completed with significant delays and not commissioned until after the conclusion of World War I. Their value as warships was at the time of their completion already doubtful, since foreign navies were completing destroyers that were bigger, faster and more heavily armed than these torpedo boats. During the interbellum, they served well, often showing the flag during visits to ports in Europe.

These ships differed from the succeeding (but actually preceding series, because they were completed earlier) Z 5-8-series by being slightly larger, and by having two stacks instead of three. Also, the Z 1-4 had turbines instead of triple expansion engines, and as such, became the first turbine-driven ships in the RNethNavy.

By September 1939, only Z 3 had survived. The others had already been stricken by 1933[2]. Z 3 gave good service during May 1940 on anti-invasion duties on the IJsselmeer. Z 3 was intentionally run aground and set afire, which completely destroyed the ship.
[1]: This information from [LFL].
[2]: This happened after only a little more than a decade of service. Any information on why they were scrapped so soon is appreciated.


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Construction details [1]
Dockyard Nederlandsche Scheepsbouw Maatschappij, Amsterdam
Dockyard number ?
Laid down December 30, 1915
Launched March 23, 1917
Commissioned August 21, 1920
Pennant Z 3
[1]: Information taken from [MAR] unless noted otherwise. Confirmed by sources listed below unless noted otherwise.

Specifications [1]
Z 3
Displacement 277 tons standard
322 tons full load[2]
Crew 46
Dimensions 61,32 (over all) x 6,31 x 1,85 m (maximum draught)
Armament 2 x 75 mm No. 4
2 x 12.7 mm machinegun (1x2) No.3
Several smaller machineguns[3]
Torpedoes 4 x 450 mm torpedo tubes (1x2, 2x1)[4] built by N.V. Werkspoor, Amsterdam[5]
4 type II45 torpedoes[5]
Anti-submarine weapons 2 depth charge throwers[3]
Other 4 mines[6]
[1]: Information taken from [MAR]. Information confirmed by other sources unless noted otherwise.
[2]: From [MB13], [MB36]. [GB110] says 335 tons.
[3]: From [MUN].
[4]: [GB110], [MUN]: 2 torpedo tubes. This implies that two were removed at some time. [MB36] says no torpedo tubes.
[5]: From [MOH]. But if two torpedo tubes had been removed, presumably 2.
[6]: From [MB36] only. Unknown if the capability to lay mines still applied in 1940.

Propulsion details [1]
Boilers 3 watertubeboilers
Machinery 2 AEG Vulcan turbines
Performance 5500 bhp
Shafts 2
Range 425 nm @ 20 knots
Bunkerage 72 tons coal and 9 tons oil[3]
Maximum Speed 27 knots
[1]: All ships were engined by their builders.
[2]: From [LEN]
[3]: From [MB30].

Histories [1]
Z 3 Assigned to the IJsselmeer Flotilla April, 1940.
On anti-invasion patrols on the IJsselmeer May, 1940.
Run aground on a dam and set ablaze on May 14, 1940.
Refloated in 1941 and scrapped.

Z 3 destroyed after May, 1940 (Collection Jan Klootwijk).

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