Books Introduction
A compilation of the sources I used to build this site.
In this section, I have compiled a list of the sources I used in building this site. The latest addition, a section with bookreviews, is currently under construction.

Additions by readers are most welcome, if you're interested in posting a book review, please send me an e-mail. The books can be rated as follows:

 Not so good

I would like to thank Mark C. Jones, Richard Worth and Fin Bonset for writing several of the book reviews.
Book reviews
Schepen van de Koninklijke Marine in W.O.II
Details the warhips of the RNethN during WW II.
Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Koopvaardij in de Tweede Wereldoorlog
Details the warhips of the Dutch merchant navy during WW II.
The Fourth Ally
About Dutch contribution to the war in the Pacific theater, on sea, land and in the air.
The Job and the Tools
Published by a consortium of Dutch shipbuilding companies to commemorate the warships produced shortly before the war by the members of the consortium.
Operaties in de Oost
History of the naval operations in post-war Indonesia 1945-1950.
Navies of the Second World War - Royal Netherlands Navy
Details the warhips of the RNethN during WW II.
Marine-torpedodienst 1875-2000
History on the use of torpedoes in the RNethNavy.
The Dutch Navy At War
Early postwar history detailed the navy's exploits during the war.
Ik nader ongezien
Details the histories and specifications of Dutch submarines 1906-1996.
De O21 & De Kat met Negen Levens 
The personal wartime history of submariner Wijnand Claes on board submarine O-21.
Stuifzeetjes over P-322 
The personal wartime history of submariner J. van Dapperen on board submarine Zwaardvisch.

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