The intention of this page is not only to give an overview of the sources used to compile the contents of this site, but also to show what can be found on the subject of the Royal Netherlands Navy. This page will be updated independent of other updates.

Books in Dutch

De Koninklijke Marine in de Tweede Wereldoorlog, 3 volumes

Written by Dr. Ph. M. Bosscher. The first volume deals with the neutrality period and the occupation of Holland by Germany, the second with the attack of Japan on the Netherlands East Indies, the third with the navy after the surrender of Holland and the NEI, up until the surrender of Japan in September 1945. Excellent book, published by Wever, Franeker between 1984 and 1990. ISBN 90-613-5371-8.

Schepen van de Koninklijke Marine in WO II

Written by C. Mark, it deals with the ships of the RNN, from the largest to the smallest vessel in service during World War II. Published by De Alk B.V, Alkmaar in 1997, ISBN 90-601-3522-9.

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Schepen van de Koninklijke Marine

By L.L. von Münching, it's very similar to the one by Chris Mark, except for the fact that this book is older and less detailed.

De Nederlandse koopvaardijvloot in de Tweede Wereldoorlog (2 volumes)

Published by De Boer, Bussum in 1978, ISBN 90-228-1981-7. Also written by L.L. von Münching, this book deals with the merchant navy during the second world war. Very useful is the list of all ships lost in the last section of the book.

Zij vochten op de zeven zeeën

By K.W.L. Bezemer, published by De Boer Maritiem, Houten in 1987, ISBN 90-269-2040-7. This book was updated and republished several times, and deals with the operations during the struggle in Holland ( plus the period in the UK until 1943 ) and the Netherlands East Indies against Germany and Japan respectively. It also has day to day histories of several larger warships.

Verdreven doch niet verslagen

By K.W.L. Bezemer, published by De Boer Maritiem, Houten in 1987, ISBN 90-269-2041-5. It's the sequal to "Zij vochten op de zeven zeeën" and the main subject is the operations and movements after the loss of the Netherlands East Indies after 1942 and Europe after 1943. Similar to the predecessor, it also has some day-by-day histories.

Geschiedenis van de Nederlandse Koopvaardij in de Tweede Wereldoorlog

Written by K.W.L. Bezemer, published by Elsevier, Amsterdam in 1987, ISBN 90-100-6040-3. For those interested in the merchant navy, this is the book to read. It has an extensive description about the sinking of virtually every Dutch ship during world war II, while also many details about other, related subjects are provided.

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Ik nader ongezien

By P.C. Jalhay. Specifications and histories for all Dutch submarines up to the present day, also with info about bases etc. Published by De Bataafsche Leeuw, Amsterdam in 1997, ISBN 90-670-6447-0.

Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden in de Tweede Wereldoorlog, various volumes

By L. de Jong, it is recognized as the most complete series for the Netherlands in the Second World War. It deals with various topics, such as politics, civil life as well as military subjects, both in occupied Holland and the NEI as in the free world.

De strijd om de slagkruisers 1938 - 1940

By Prof. Dr. G. Teitler, it deals with the political background of the Battlecruiserplan 1940 rather than the ships involved. Published by De Bataafsche Leeuw, Dieren in 1984, ISBN 90-670-7028-9

Onze vliegers in Indië

Published by Boom-Ruygrok N.V. Haarlem in 1946. Written by C.C. Küpfer, this book about the KNIL airforce was published shortly after the war and suffers from the lack of information available in that time. Nevertheless, it has details which other books lack.

Adriaan Kannegieter

Autobiography by Adriaan Kannegieter, World War II veteran who served aboard the cruiser Sumatra during the German attack on Holland and served aboard a minesweeper during the Japanese invasion of the NEI, eventually to become a POW working on the Burma railway. First published in 1996, ISBN 90-901-1134-1x.

Van Linieschip tot Vliegkampschip

Not of much use for naval research in depth, but it gives a very nice overview of the Royal Netherlands Navy throughout the years. The book was written by L.D. de Kroon and Haye Thomas, and it was published by Elsevier, Amsterdam in 1964.

Vliegkampschepen: Geschiedenis en ontwikkeling van het vliegkampschip

This book mainly deals with the development of aircraftcarriers from the early stage until now, but it als has a few chapters dealing with naval aviation in the Netherlands, including some interesting anecdotes. Well supported by photographs, it is an excellent book. It was written by H.J.E. van der Kop (a former naval aviator himself) in 1982. Published by De Boer, Bussum, ISBN 90-228-1855-1.

Dispireert niet

This book was written by captain H.W. Hettema, who had one of the most famous Dutch troopships of world war II under his command during 1942 and 1943. This ship was the Marnix of St. Aldegonde, and in his book, the captain shows a detailed description of the operations the Marnix participated in (North Africa, Sicily and Salerno). It was published shortly after the war by Scheltens & Giltay in Amsterdam

Afsluitdijk 1940

This book is one of the many detailed stories written by the writer E.H. Brongers, who focuses on the military history during the invasion of German in May 1940. This source deals with the dam over the IJsselmeer, where the German 1st cavalry division was repulsed by forces in the bunkers present. The RNN also played a key role in this battle. Written in 1990 ( 6th print ), ISBN 90-6410-074-8, published by Hollandia, Baarn

3 Oorlogsjaren aan boord van Hr. Ms Soemba ( December 1941 - Augustus 1944 )

This small book was written by the warveteran Ruud Filon, and describes his career aboard the sloop Soemba during the war. Although not thick, it has many first-hand details which make it very interesting. An online version can be found here

Marine-torpedodienst 1875-2000

A book about the history of the torpedoservice during its career, it has many details regarding the use of torpedoes in the navy. Written by J.M. Mohrmann in 2000, it is published by De Bataafsche Leeuw, Amsterdam.

Voor een veilige zee

A book, written by F. Bertijn, which summarizes the history of the Mineservice in the Royal Netherlands Navy. Published by A.J.G. Strengholt, Naarden. It contains the minetypes used, the ships who laid them, and operational histories.

De Gouvernementsmarine in het voormalige Nederlands-Indie 1861-1949 (3 volumes)

An extensive description of the history of the civil navy in the Netherlands East Indies, it also describes the period of neutrality until December 1941 and the subsequent war with Japan. Extensive descriptions of the vessels in service and their histories. Written by F.C. Backer Dirks, an officer with this service for more than 25 years. The book was published by De Boer Maritiem in Houten in 1986, ISBN 90-228-1885-3

Batterij gereed... Vuur....!

Book written by Lt.Cdr. J.S.Bax, former CO of the sloop Flores during its Mediterranean days. It narrates the history of this ship in great detail, describing normal life on board as well as the numerous bombardment missions it was part of. It was published in 1948 by Wyt in Rotterdam.

Opdracht Sumatra: Het Korps Insulinde 1942-1946

Written by J.Th.A. de Man, it narrates the history of this unit during WW II. After the fall of Java, a number of Dutch army troops from Britain were stranded on Ceylon. From these man, a corps was formed with the intention of undertaking raids on enemy targets on Sumatra, with some success. It was written in 1987, and published by De Haan in Houten. ISBN 90-269-4298-2

Acties in de Archipel: De intelligence-operaties van NEFIS-III in de Pacific-oorlog

This book was written by the well-known historian J.J. Nortier, who has written many detailed accounts, all focussing on the Netherlands East Indies. This particular work deals with the intelligence operations from Australia by the Dutch NEFIS-organization, and in particular NEFIS-III. The latter was responsible for deploying special intelligence parties, with the goal of obtaining information from the occupied NEI. It is very detailed, and recommended reading for those interested. The subject is closely related to the book written by J.Th.A. de Man (see above). It was published in 1985 by Wever, Franeker.

Hr.Ms. Isaac Sweers: Ontwerp, bouw en levensloop van een succesvolle torpedobootjager

Published in 1994, this small but interesting book narrates the history of the Dutch destroyer Isaac Sweers in great detail. It was written by R. Harmse, H. van Kuilemburg, D. Swierstra, A.J. van Veelen and J.J.A. Wijn, alle members of "Contact Mari-team", a non-profit organization dedicated to the history of the Dutch Navy. Although it didn't have the design history I hoped for, the detailed history of the Isaac Sweers, supported by the interesting photos, makes the money well spent. Published by Van Soeren & Co, Amsterdam.

Schepen van de "Nederland"

Published by "De Alk" in Alkmaar in 1967, and written by G.J. de Boer, this small book has 64 pages of info about ships of the Dutch shipping company Stoomvaart Mij. "Nederland" NV.

Van Farman tot Neptune

Written by Hugo Hooftman, it is volume two of a series about the aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Naval Air Service (Dutch: Marine Luchtvaart Dienst, or MLD). It contains the aircraft used between 1942 and 1965. Interesting read. Hardcover, 204 pages, published in 1965 by La Rivière and Voorhoeve in Zwolle.

Destroyers of the World War II: Evertsen

One of a series, published in Poland. With many photos and plenty of information. It contains 32 pages, published in 2001. Written by Slawomir Brzenski, ISBN 83-87918-19-9.

Vliegen voor de Vloot: 80 jaar Marine Luchtvaartdienst

A small book written by Harm J. Hazewinkel and published by Rebo Produkties in Sassenheim. It narrates the history of the Dutch naval air service until the mid 1980s. The text is illustrated by many photos of aircraft and facilities. ISBN 90-366-0350-1.

Met Hr.Ms. De Ruyter naar Nederlansch-Indië

An old book from 1937, written by W. Langeraar and C. van der Stad about the journey of the cruiser De Ruyter to the Netherlands East Indies in 1937. It describes every day life on board the ship in great detail. The book has 272 pages, hardcover with dustjacket. Published by J. Philip Kruseman in The Hague.

Lichtflitsen onder de kim

Book, written by C.J.M. Kretschmer de Wilde, about the deployment of Dutch warships during the Korean war. Published in 1955 by W. de Haan N.V. in Utrecht.

Verslagen der Marine-Vereeniging

No. 2 issue of 1912/1913, this periodical deals with the various, contemporary aspects of gunnery. It is in fact the transcription of a presentation given by Lt. Cdr. L.J. de Quant. It has 114 pages.

Gedenkboek Adelborsten-opleiding te Willemsoord 1854-1954

Commemoration book published on the occasion of the 100 years existence of the officers course at Den Helder. It mainly contains a complete list of men which followed the course at the naval academy. Written by P.S. van 't Haaff and M.J.C. Klaassen, it was published by C.A.J. van Dishoeck in Bussum.


By Admiral C.E.L. Helfrich, the flag officer in command in the Netherlands East Indies, when the Japanese began their thrust to the south. This two-volume work starts in 1939, when he assumes command, and ends in the late 1940s. Volume 1, titled "De Maleise barrière" covers the period between 1939 and March 1942. Volume 2, "Glorie en tragedie" covers the remainder of the war and the postwar period.

Ik val aan, volg mij

by Anthony van Kampen. This book narrates the life and death of the famous Rear-Admiral Karel Doorman, who fought and died in the Battle of the Java sea. It was published in 1946.

60 jaar Mijnendienst

Interesting booklet about the Dutch mine service between 1906 and 1966. It was written by Lt.Cdr. F. Bertijn in 1966, and narrates the history of this service. Interesting information about the ships and types of mines used, the men and its general history.

Tot in de verste uithoeken....

Excellent book about the history of the Dutch gouvernementsmarine, which was responsible for all kinds of civil duties in the Netherlands East Indies. It's existence ended shortly after the war, when Indonesia became independent. This book by J.J.A. Wijn and associates describes its history throughout the years, with a focus on World War II. ISBN 90-6707-434-9, published by De Bataafsche Leeuw in 1998.

Vannacht varen de Hollanders

Interesting booklet about the wartime adventures of Hans Larive, a naval officer in the RNN, who escaped from a German POW camp, and later fought on board motortorpedoboats against German coastal convoys. Published in 1950.

Hr.Ms. Kruisers 'Java' and 'Sumatra'

Full history of the cruisers Java and Sumatra, from their earliest development stage to their ultimate fate. This excellent resources was written by J. Anten. It was published in 2001 by Asia Maior. ISBN90-74861-18-0.

Hr.Ms. Kruiser 'De Ruyter' 1933-1942

Full history of the cruiser De Ruyter throughout the 1930s and the war. Many photos etc. Written by H.J. Legemaate and A.J.J. Mulder, published in 1999 by Asia Maior, ISBN90-74861-15-6

Verkennen en bewaken

Written by N. Geldhof, this book published in 1979 describes the design and history of the well-known Dornier Do 24K flying boats in Dutch service.

Nishi No Kaze, Hare: Nederlands-Indische inlichtingendienst contra agressor Japan

This very interesting book by Robert D. Haslach describes how a handful of Dutch navy and army codebreakers managed to break several of the key Japanese codes. Published in 1985, ISBN 90-6091-233-0. The Japanese part of the title was the order of Admiral Yamamoto to the carrier fleet to attack Pearl Harbor.

Een Defensie-Program 1901

In the early 20th century, the Dutch government began to formulate proposals in order to make more effective use of the funds spent on defence and create a well-defined plan of defence in case of war. The booklet in question, dated from 1901 was written by W.M. Engelaars and A.E. Redelé, and contains their personal views on these reforms. They comment on the situation in the Dutch navy with regard to its role in the defence of Holland and the N.E.I. Very rare and valuable.

Onder de bloedvlag van de "O.21" 1940-1945

Wartime memoirs of the submarine captain J.F. van Dulm, who was awarded the British Distinguished Service Order for his exploits as skipper of the O.21. He writes about the war patrols of this submarine. The tekst, 272 pages in total, is illustrated with many photos.

De kat met negen levens

The author of this book, Wijnand Claes, was a rating still in training when German forces invaded Holland in May 1940. After an eventful trip through Belgium, he and his comrades managed to reach Britain by sea. Wijnand was then assigned to the submarine O.21, and remained on board for the better part of the war. Published in 1980.

Neerlands Zeemacht in Oorlog

This book was written in 1944 by Lieutenant-Commander A. Kroese, former skipper of the Dutch destroyer Kortenaer, which was sunk during the Battle of the Java Sea. The book describes the role of the R.N.N. during the invasion of the Netherlands in May 1940 and the N.E.I. in 1941-1942. Very interesting, although the book can be considered somewhat outdated.

De schepen van de Koninklijke Marine en die der gouvernementsmarine 1814-1962

Book by A.J. Vermeulen, describing every ship in the Dutch navy and Gouvernementsmarine between 1814 and 1962. The format is very simple, basic data with a short service description in a simple lay-out and without photos.

Officieren achter prikkeldraad 1940-1945

During the war, many Dutch naval officers were sent off to German POW camps. Some of these men became famous after World War II because of their, sometimes spectacular, escapes from these camps. This book by Leo de Hartog, published in 1983 by Hollandia, Baarn, describes the history of the so called "Colditz-group", which included men like E.H. Larive and C.L.F.J. Douw van der Krap.

De Vierkante Maan: een persoonlijk oorlogsrelaas

The story of midshipman Gerard Dogger, who was an active participant of the Dutch resistance during 1940 and 1941. He escaped to Britain with the intention to establish contact between the free world and occupied Europe. He later served on board Dutch motor torpedo boats fighting in the Channel. Published in 1979 by Elsevier, Amsterdam.

Eindeloze nacht

The personal memoires of sailor J.J. Douwes, who served on board the cruiser Java during the early war years. He fought during the Battle of the Java sea, and survived the loss of the cruiser, only to be captured by the Japanese. Published in 1995 by Palaver, ISBN 90-75421-01-X.

De Slag in de Javazee

Originally titled "The Battle of the Java sea", this documentary describes the events leading up to the final sea battle and the battle itself in great detail. It was written by David A. Thomas, who wrote many more works on the war at sea during W.W. II. The Dutch translation was published by AD. M.C. Stok in The Hague.

Kopstukken uit de Krijgsmacht: Nederlandse vlag- en opperofficieren 1815-1955

Compilation of biographies made under supervision of G. Teitler and W. Klinkert. The biographies include ones for Vice-Admiral H. Ferwerda (C-in-C Netherlands East Indies until 1939) and Vice-Admiral E.J. van Holte (C.O. of Jacob van Heemskerck during W.W.II). Published by De Bataafsche Leeuw, Amsterdam, in 1997. ISBN 90-6707-438-1

De laatste ridders

Service men who were awarded the "Militaire Willemsorde", the highest Dutch award for bravery, tell their story. Written by Patricia Steur and Leonoor Wagenaar in 1990 on occasion of the 175st anniversary of this award, this booklet includes navy men such as Douw van der Krap, submarine captain Van Oostrom Soede and midshipman/resistance member Peter Tazelaar. ISBN 9012064082.

Het Marinebeleid in de Tweede Wereldoorlog

Written by Mr. A.N. Baron de Vos van Steenwijk, himself a Vice-Admiral (retired) and former crewman of cruiser Tromp (1941-1944) describes pre-war and wartime naval policy. This book is part of a series titled "Bijdragen tot de Nederlandse marinegeschiedenis" and was published in 1986 by publisher De Bataafsche Leeuw. ISBN 9067071161

Tienduizend vrije vogels

Subtitled "Oorlogsvrijwilligers bij de Koninklijke Marine 1944-1950", this book describes the history of the so called "war volunteers", who were recruited in the liberated parts of the Netherlands to fight against the Japanese. After Japan surrendered, most of these young men were deployed against the Indonesian independence movement in the Netherlands East Indies, both on land (Marine brigade) and on sea. The book was published by De Bataafsche Leeuw in 1993 and written by R.E. van Holst Pellekaan (himself a Captain (retired)). ISBN 9067073237

Gedenkboek Korps Officieren van de Technische Dienst der Koninklijke Marine 1824-1977

Remembrance book of the Engineering Service. It has a list of names and data for the commissioned officers during this period.

Met vlaggen van top

An interesting book about the Royal Netherlands Navy in the period between 1945 and 1948. It was written by C.J.M. Kretschmer de Wilde and published in 1948, and the book contains fragments of operations carried out by Dutch marines and the ships at sea.

Yearbooks of the Royal Netherlands Navy

These books are very interesting, but often difficult to come by. The information in it often contains a list of ships in active service, remarks with regard to personnel, artillery etc., movements of ships, reports of long travels by RNN ships. Yearbooks used in the compilation of this site are those for: 1884/1885, 1902/1903, 1930/1931 and 1971.

De Schepen van de Koninklijke Marine vanaf 1945

This book, written by W.H.E. van Amstel and publshed by De Alk B.V., Alkmaar in 1991, offers basic data and many photos for the ships in service after 1945 up to the date the book was published. ISBN 90-6013-997-6

Marineblad of 1934, 1937, december 1942.

Magazine founded in the 19th century for the Marine Vereeniging, an organization with the objective to spread knowledge about and for the Netherlands Navy. The articles and readers were mostly naval officers.

500 jaar marine

A booklet published by the Dutch naval historical section in The Hague covering the 500 years' history of the navy. Published by De Bataafsche Leeuw in Amsterdam in 1988. ISBN 90 6707 171 4

Honderd Jaargangen Marineblad

In this book, various historians give an overview per subject (tactics, strategy, personnel, mines, submarines) of what has been published in Marineblad about them respectively. Their intention is also to give more information about the context in which these articles were published, and how the articles can be linked together.

Operaties in de oost - De Koninklijke Marine in de Indische Archipel 1945-1951

Published as volume 13 in the series "Bijdragen tot de Nederlandse marinegeschiedenis", this book by R.E. van Holst Pellekaan and I.C. de Regt describes the operations carried out by the R.N.N. in the East Indies during 1945-1951. These operations mostly consisted of blockading the opponent's ports, inspecting commercial shipping and carrying out amphibuous landings. This book was published in 2003 by De Bataafsche Leeuw, Amsterdam. ISBN 90 670 7566 3.

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De Nederlandsche Zeemacht: Pantserschepen, Pantserdekschepen, Monitors

Overview of the development of the first armored vessels in the R.N.N., ending with the coastal defence ship Zeven Provinciën. Written by Jt. Mulder and W.F. Ruygrok, and published by Lanasta, Emmen in 2004. ISBN 90 807 8222 X.

Doorgaan ... (Beknopte geschiedenis van Hollandse Signaal Apparaten N.V. - Hengelo

Small remembrance booklet published in 1974, at the occasion of the retirement of H.Th. Koppen, chairman of the board. Interesting overview of the history of this company, which has supplied the R.N.N. with fire control equipment starting in the 1920s.

Books in English

The Encyclopedia of the World's Warships

This book gives a general overview of the most important warships until the book was published, which was in 1978. It was written by Hugh Lyon, with assistance from Captain J.E. Moore, and is perhaps not as detailed as Conway's etc, but gives valuable details I sometimes need for this website. ISBN 0-517-22478x, published by Crescent Books, New York in 1978

Navies of the Second World War: The Royal Netherlands Navy

Basic overview of Dutch warships during World War II with armaments, dockyard details and final fate. One book in a whole series on warships during the war. Written by H.T. Lenton and published by MacDonald, London in 1968.

Holland Afloat: The story of the Netherlands at sea

An interesting, wartime publication on the history of the Royal Netherlands Navy up until November, 1942. Written by H. George Franks and published by the Netherland Publishing Company Ltd.

The Job and the Tools

Interesting book, published in 1960 by N.V. Vereenigde Scheepsbouw Bureaux and written by Hubert V. Quispel. It narrates the wartime histories of a number of warships, and also has chapters on the postwar shipbuilding programme. 184 pages

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Queen Wilhelmina's Navy

Small wartime publication by Her Majesty's Stationary Office, written by A.D. Divine. The booklet contains some 25 pages and narrates the history of the R.N.N. during the war.

New silhouettes and old traditions

Subtitled "Aspects of the radar and radio equipment aboard H. Neth. M.S. cruisers "De Ruyter" and "De Zeven Provincien". The subtitle is a good summary of the book's contents. There are 107 pages of information. The book was published in limited numbers by the Dutch telecommunications company Philips, sometime in the 1970s.

Warships of World War II

Encyclopedic work by H.T. Lenton and J.J. Colledge, first published by Ian Allan in London in 1963. The book covers the warships in service with, or built for, the Royal Navy during World War II. This includes the warships later transferred to other Allied navies. There are 8 parts, starting with capital ships such as battleships and aircraft carriers in Part 1, and ending with the small Landing Craft in Part 8. Although outdated and incorrect on details, it is still useful as starting point.

Books in Polish

Profile Morskie: De Ruyter

One of the well-known Profile Morskie issues, with many photos and plenty of information about the cruiser De Ruyter. Written by Slawomir Brzenski, ISBN 83-87918-06-7, published in 2000.

Destroyers of the World War II: Evertsen

One of a series, published in Poland. With many photos and plenty of information. It contains 32 pages, published in 2001. Written by Slawomir Brzenski, ISBN 83-87918-19-9.

Books in German

Marine Arsenal Band 46: Beutezerstörer und Torpedoboote der Kriegsmarine

One of the famous Marine Arsenal issues. Much information about these ships, including the Dutch destroyers ZH-1 (ex-Gerard Callenburgh), ZH-2 (ex-Tjerk Hiddes) and ZH-3 (ex-Van Galen). Written by Dr. Z. Freivogel, published in 2000 by Podzun-Pallas Verlag. ISBN 3-7909-0701-4.

Zerstörer im Zweiten Weltkrieg: Technik, Klassen, Typen

Excellent reference by Mike J. Whitley, the German translation of his book "Destroyers of World War Two", first published in 1988. This particular book was published by Motorbuch Verlag, Stuttgart in 1997, and includes a section about Dutch destroyers during World War II

Die deutschen Zerstörer im 2. Weltkrieg

The German translation of Mike J. Whitley's book "Destroyer! German Destroyers in World War II", an excellent overview of the designs and operational use of the German destroyers and torpedoboats before and during World War II. Published by Motorbuch Verlag in Stuttgart in 1985.


Battlecruiser: Design studies for the Royal Netherlands Navy 1939 - 40

Written by Lt. Jurrien S. Noot of the Dutch navy, this account, published in Warship International No.3, 1980 is the most detailed study of the Battlecruiserdesigns of 1939 and 1940 I have ever seen. Recommended reading for interested enthousiasts

The drawingboard battleships for the Royal Netherlands Navy

Written by Anthonie van Dijk, this article, published in Warship International No.4 of 1988, is highly detailed and shows many details on the virtually unknown battleshippplan of 1912. Highly recommended

Versenkt ....wenige Stunden vor dem Waffenstillstand

This article was written by Ernst de Jong in Marine Rundschau of May 1983, and mainly deals with the service of the sloop K 1 in Kriegsmarine service. I was impressed by the details and interesting photos

Escape from Soerabaja

This article was written by Mark C. Jones from the USA, and narrates the daring escape by the Dutch minesweeper "Abraham Crijnssen" in March 1942. It was published in The Navy Magazine, Australia's leading naval magazine since 1938. It was kindly provided by the author.

HNMS Tjerk Hiddes - Timor Ferry

Written by Rear-Admiral (Retired) C.V. Gordon, US Navy, it narrates the various trips the Dutch destroyers Tjerk Hiddes made to the Japanese-held island Timor, where still guerilla forces were active. The increasing Japanese pressure made a continued fight impossible, and the Dutch ship was sent to evacuate the bulk of these men. Published in U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, issue #2, 1960.

He who sees first, lives longest.

From Naval History magazine, July/August 1994. Vice-Admiral Abraham van der Moer (then a lieutenant) describes the Battle of the Javasea on board the destroyer Witte de With from his perspective.

A history of Afdeling I (intelligence) naval staff, Batavia, Netherlands East Indies, from August 1934 to January 1938

By J.F.W. Nuboer, a Dutch naval officer who was very successful in decrypting Japanese naval messages before the start of World War II. How he did it and where it ended is described in detail, in this magazine article in The Cryptogram of March/April 1981.

Nederlandse marineofficeren vonden in het egin van de vorige eeuw de rotor-chiffreermachine uit

Interesting article about how two Dutch naval officers invented the predecessor of the German Enigma coding machine. An article written by Wies Platje in De Cirkle, 7th year of publication, Issue #1

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