24 cm Nos. 1 & 2

The forward 24 cm mount of the Jacob van Heemskerck and Hertog Hendrik were later placed in the German coastal battery MKB Brandenburg, Hoek van Holland on the island De Beer. A third mount was also placed there, to which ship it belonged is unknown. One of the mounts burnt out later, and was only used as a ammo stack afterwards.

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Gun specs
Gun type Krupp 24 cm/40 type no 1 & 2
Purpose Low angle (seatargets only)
Bore 240 mm (9,449 inch)
Bore length 37,15 calibres
Classes used on Hertog Hendrik class
Jacob van Heemskerck-class
Date in service No. 1:  1904
No. 2:  1907
Gunweight 24,5 metric tonnes
Initial velocity No. 1:  2690 feet/sec
No. 2:  2790 feet/sec
Rate of fire  
Shell specs
Shell types AP and HE
Shell weight 375 lbs ( 170 kg )
Range ( max )  
Mount specs
Mount type Armoured turret
Mount armor 4 inch (102 mm)
Elevation + 20 / - 4 degrees
Train method  
German sources list the muzzle velocity as 2559 feet/sec for both types (as coastal defence guns)

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