Prins van Oranje-class

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Gouden Leeuw in 1932

Construction details
Name Gouden Leeuw Prins van Oranje
Dockyard De Maas, Slikkerveer De Maas, Slikkerveer
Laid down September 23 1930 September 20 1930
Launched September 9 1931 July 10 1931
Commissioned February 24 1932 February 2 1932
Pennant - -

Displacement 1291 t /
Crew 121
Dimensions 65,8 (pp) 70,0 (oa) x 10,97 x 3,28 (min) m
Armament 2 x 75 mm (2x1)
2 x Vickers 40 mm No.1 (2x1)
2 x .50 MG (2x1)
Mines 150
ASW Gouden Leeuw had asdic from early 1942 with depthcharges. Prins van Oranje had neither.

Propulsion details
Machinery 2 triple-expansion-engines
Performance 1750 hp
Shafts 2
Max Speed 15 knots

Propulsion details
Prins van Oranje Stationed on Tarakan on December 8 1941 to lay defensive minefields when the Japanese would attack. Since there was no apparent indications for such invasion in the first weeks of December, she left Tarakan for Tawao in British North Borneo. She took 56 people of the local Japanese fisher population prisoner, captured the vessel Borneo Maru and three other vessels, and sank seven other, smaller vessels. Returned to Tarakan on December 12 1941. From the end of December to the Japanese invasion on January 10, she was fre-quently the target of Japanese bombers, none of which ever managed to hit her directly. Some near misses on January 9 damaged her lightly and caused a few wounded. Possibly one bomber was shot down. In the night of 10 / 11 January, she tried to escape on a northern course from Tarakan. Unfortunately, she was sighted by the Japanese patrol boat 38 and the destroyer Yamakaze. The Prins van Oranje was too lightly armed to be a match for them. She was easily sunk, taking most of the crew with her. There were only 16 survivors of an unknown total of crewmembers, since there were men detached from the ship ( among which to the Borneo Maru ) and the wounded were in the hospital.
Gouden Leeuw In Soerabaja on December 8 1941. She layed mines in Madoera strait with Krakatau and Soemba, and departed shortly after for Ambon, where she arrived around December 26. After minelaying the fields, she returned to Soerabaja. She also layed minefields in the vicinity of Java until March 1942 and was sunk by own crew on March 7 1942 in Soerabaja. Further details unknown.

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