Vickers Mitrailleur 40 mm No.1

These guns were acquired from the British gun manufacturer and dockyard Vickers-Armstrong Ltd. through their representative in the Netherlands N.V. Nederlandsch-Engelsche Technische Handel Maatschappij. Fully automatic, and for that reason, designated machinegun ("mitrailleur") in the RNethNavy. Widely used on variety of ships starting in the early 1930s, until replaced by the more effective Bofors 40 mm gun in the mid-1930s on new construction and existing ships (for example the cruiser Java in 1937-1938).

Similar, if not identical, to the "2-pounder" Mark II*C on Mark II*C pedestal mount, which were exported extensively by Vickers-Armstrong.[1]

At least the ships of the Van Galen-class experienced serious problems with these guns. They were fitted on a platform that was too weak, which caused the guns to jam when used at high elevation. Makeshift measures were taken by stiffening the hull and platforms, and adding valves to the brake cylinders.[2]
[1]: The Royal Navy gave mountings and guns their own distinct Mark numbers. Particulars on British guns from [NWP], [CMP]
[2]: From [BOS1].

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Pre-war advertisement of the 40 mm No.1

Gun specs [1]
Gun type Mitrailleur 40 mm No.1
Use [2] Cruiser Java and Sumatra (until replaced by Bofors 40 mm).
Destroyers Van Galen, Witte de With, Banckert, Van Nes
Training ship Soerabaia
Minelayers Prins van Oranje, Gouden Leeuw
Minelayer Nautilus (removed by May, 1940).
Purpose Medium anti-aircraft defence
Bore 40 mm
Bore length L/40 (1,58 m)
Cooling Watercooled
Gunweight 300 kg
Initial velocity 610 m/s
Rate of fire 50 - 85 rounds/minute
Range 4400 m @85 degrees elevation (effectively up to 2000 m)
7000 m against targets at sea level.
Shell specs
Shell types Fixed, High-Explosive rounds only[3]
Shell weight 0,9 kg
Propellant charge 0,1 kg
Mount specs
Elevation - / +85 degrees
Train 360 degrees
Mount weight (total) 750 kg
Train method Manual
[1]: From [ANT] unless otherwise noted.
[2]: From [CAG].
[3]: Ammunition was produced domestically at Staatsbedrijf der Artillerie-Inrichtingen. From [SAI].

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