A Sailor's Odyssey

The armoured cruiser Noord Brabant began her conversion to an accommodation and training ship in 1925. Towed to Vlissingen (Flushing) in October 1926, where many sailors received their basic training until May, 1940.
Click to enlarge Noord Brabant in her original appearance. The photo was taken at Surabaya. On the left, the accommodation ship Koning der Nederlanden can be seen. (Collection J. Klootwijk)
Noord Brabant moored to the quay in Vlissingen. (Collection Paul Magermans)
Topside view from the aft mast. There appears to be a Dutch minelayer lying at the quay directly aft of Noord Brabant. (Collection Paul Magermans)
Sailors in the fore mast. (Collection Paul Magermans)
The main deck (Collection Paul Magermans)
Dinner has been served! (Collection Paul Magermans)
Peeling potatoes! (Collection Paul Magermans)
Doing the dishes (Collection webmaster)
Nice aft view of the Noord Brabant. (Collection J.G. Bouman)
A group posing on the gangway of Noord Brabant, date unknown. (Collection J.G. Bouman)
The cafetaria ashore (Collection Paul Magermans)
The cafetaria ashore (Collection Paul Magermans)
The sickbay ashore (Collection Paul Magermans)
A sailor on the aft deck. (Collection Chris van der Vliet. The man on the photo was his uncle).

This is a former Mystery photo
Noord Brabant burnt out at Vlissingen, sometime after May 1940 (Collection webmaster).

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