Training ship Gelderland

Before the artillery instruction ship Van Kinsbergen was commissioned in 1939, gunners received their first training on board the old armoured cruiser Gelderland, which served in this capacity between 1920 and 1939. Below I have gathered a number of photographs and postcards of the ship during her career.

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Gelderland leaving Den Helder for the Netherlands East Indies in 1900. (Collection webmaster)
Gelderland at Marseille, November 22 1900. On October 11, 1899, an armed conflict broke out between the British Empire and the Boer-republics in South Africa. In May, 1900 president Paul Kruger of the Transvaal Republic fled to Lourenzo Marques (now Maputo, Mozambique) just before Johannesburg was seized by British troops. He was picked up from Lourenzo Marques by the Gelderland. The ship left for Marseille on October 20, and arrived on November 22. (Collection J. Klootwijk)

More about the Second Boer War and president Paul Kruger.
Gelderland at Marseille, November 22, 1900. (Collection J. Klootwijk)

Note: the postcard mentions the date November 21, but all sources at my disposal mention November 22, 1900 as the date of arrival in Marseille. Gelderland left port the same day.
President Kruger disembarking into the whaleboat. The sailors in the boat have lifted their oars in the air. This gesture is the navy's equivalent of an armed salute. (Collection J. Klootwijk)
Gelderland at sea early in her career (Collection webmaster)
Gelderland in 1925. Note the target disc on her bow. (Collection R. van Hoften)
The Gelderland entering a (Dutch?) port in the Dutch West Indies, probably during the 1930s. (Collection J. Stolk)

Can anyone identify which port?
Gelderland in Curaçao on November 24, 1937 (Collection R. van Hoften)
 Gelderland at Den Helder, date unknown. (Collection webmaster)
Gelderland well-lit during the night, a display in celebration of the birth of Princess Beatrix in January 1938. The photo was most likely taken at Curaçao. (Collection J. Stolk)
Gelderland in St. Thomas on the Virgin Islands, February 16, 1938. Photo from the National Archives (#RG80CE246). Thanks to Leland Ness for passing it on.
Gelderland at Curaçao in November 1938 (Collection R. van Hoften)
Gelderland lying at the quay in Den Helder. On the right the accommodation ship Koningin Emma der Nederlanden. (Collection M.R. Lagewaard)
Click to enlarge Gelderland in service as gunnery training ship. Note the target frames on the bow. (Collection J. Klootwijk)
Gelderland seen aft on the port side (Collection webmaster)
Gelderland in Kriegsmarine service as Niobe, date and place unknown (Collection webmaster).

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