Men Introduction
Vice-Admiral A. de Booy, RNN
Dutch naval attaché in London before and during the war

Admiral G.C. Dickens, RN
British naval attaché in The Hague, and later principal liaison officer

Rear-Admiral K.W.F.M. Doorman, RNN
The famous Rear-Admiral who commanded the Allied forces in the dramatic Battle of the Java Sea

Captain C.L.J.F. Douw van der Krap, RNN
A very determined escape artist.

Admiral J.Th. Furstner, RNN
Chief of the naval staff and later Minister of Navy

Admiral C.E.L. Helfrich, RNN
Commander in Chief of all naval forces in the Netherlands East Indies

Captain W. Harmsen, RNN
Commanding Officer of the famous destoyer Isaac Sweers and the cruiser Jacob van Heemskerck.

Rear-Admiral P. Koenraad, RNN
Flag Officer in charge of all Dutch naval forces in Australia throughout the war.

Lieutenant-Commander E.H. Larive, RNN
Commanding Officer of the MTB-service

Rear-Admiral J.G. Meijer Ranneft, RNN
Dutch naval attaché in Washington

Rear-Admiral J.F.W. Nuboer, RNN
Communications expert, and the man who broke Japanese codes before the war

Vice-Admiral A.S. Pinke, RNN
Flag officer commanding Dutch naval forces during the Indonesian independence war

Rear-Admiral J.J.A. Schagen van Leeuwen, RNN
Dutch artillery expert, and a driving force behind the successful Bofors/Hazemeyer AA-mount

Rear-Admiral J.J.A. van Staveren, RNN
Chief of Staff to Admiral Helfrich.

Rear-Admiral G.W. Stöve, RNN
Liaison officer to the Combined Chiefs of Staff and later C-in-C of all naval forces in Holland.

Vice-Admiral J.W. Termijtelen, RNN
Furstner's Chief of Staff in Britain throughout the war.

Although it is often forgotten, it are not the ships which form a navy, but the men and women who man and operate them. On this page, I have gathered a number of profiles of people who played an important role, in the spotlight or behind the scenes, in the last world war. Additions etc. will ofcourse be much appreciated.

Thanks to Mr. Mark C. Jones for reviewing the pages before publication.

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