Mystery photos Introduction
Mystery photos
Enter the section where the latest photos are on-line.
No site is of course complete without at least a fair amount of photos. I have tried to credit the owners of the photos where I could, but the list is not complete. If I have made an infringement of copyright, please mail me and I will remove the photo(s) in question.

The Specials-section of this page will contain a number of pages dedicated to a certain theme. I hope to mainly fill these with postcards and photos from personal collections. If you have any photos to contribute, please mail me. You will ofcourse be fully credited as the owner of the photos.
Solved mystery photos
Previous mystery photos are usually stored here.
Photos by ship or ship class
Wreck and other photos of Hr.Ms. cruiser De Ruyter
An exciting series of photos taken of the wreck of the Dutch cruiser De Ruyter. Thanks to Mr. Kevin Denlay.
Admiralen-class destroyers in the 1930s
Everyday life illustrated by unique photos.
A Sailor's Odyssey
Sailors entering the navy before the war had one thing in common: they started their training on board the Noord Brabant
Brinio-class gunboats
These small craft, originally designed for harbor defence, had a particularly difficult war.
Pieter Florisz in 2004
A remarkable collection of photos of this minesweeper, still in existence today
Training ship Gelderland
The old armoured cruiser Gelderland served as a training ship between 1920-1939. A collection of photos.
Java-class cruisers
The backbone of the surface fleet before was formed by the Admiralen-class destroyers and the cruisers Java and Sumatra
Tromp-class cruisers
The largest ships with real fighting capacity left at the end of the war.
Artillery instruction ship Van Kinsbergen
Although intended for other duties, this ship served with distinction throughout the war.
N-class destroyers
The destroyers Van Galen and Tjerk Hiddes were under construction for the ROyal Navy when they were purchased for the R.N.N.
K-class sloops
The sloops K-1, K-2 and K-3 were under constructions at Dutch dockyards when war broke out in May, 1940. They were completed by the German Kriegsmarine.
Ships of the Gouvernements Marine
The many ships of the GM were deployed in a variety of roles: patrol vessel, stores ship and depot ship. These photos show their deployment in the Netherlands Navy.
Combined Striking Force at war
I have gathered a number of photos here of warships, which at some point during the Java-campaign, were a part of the Combined Striking Force

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