Ships in service, designed or under construction

Battlecruisers Introduction
Battlecruiser designs 1939-1940 This page lists most Dutch warships in active service, under construction or design during the time frame 1939-1945, with the exception of a number of small craft. If you're looking for a particular ship, I suggest you use the Ships by name-page to identify the class to which it belonged.

The explanation of the table is as follows. If a ship has ever actively served in the Royal Netherlands Navy, the year in which it (or the first of its class) was commissioned can be found behind the name between (). If a ship has never reached the stage of completion, or has never served in the R.N.N., there is no year listed.

Also, please note that the page does not list the numerous Dutch submarines that operated successfully against enemy shipping during the war, nor are auxiliaries attached to the submarine service listed.
Java-class (1925)
De Ruyter (1937)
Tromp-class (1938)
Eendracht-class (1953)
Admiralen-class (1928)
Campbeltown (1941)(destroyer of the British "Town"-class)
Gerard Callenburgh-class (1941)
N-class (1942)
O 7-class
O 8-class 
O 9-class
O 12-class
O 16
O 19-class
O 21-class
K VIII-class
K XI-class
K XIV-class
Hydra-class (1910)
Douwe Aukes-class (1922)
Pro Patria (1923)
Krakatau (1924)
Nautilus (1930)
Prins van Oranje-class (1932)
Jan van Brakel (1936)
Willem van der Zaan (1939)
Unnamed minelayer
Auxiliary minelayers
Rigel (1931)
Soemenep (1940)
Bangkalan (1942)
M-class (1918)
A-class (1930)
Van Amstel-class (1937)
No I to XII
105 feet-class (1942)
126 feet-class (1943)
Auxiliary minesweepers
ABC-class (1940)
DEFG-class (1941)
Smeroe-class (1941)
Trawler-minesweepers & danlayers (1939)
TM 4 -class (1940)
TM 51-class (1939)
TM 22-class (1942)
MTB 202-class (1942)
MTB 222-class (1942)
MTB 418-class (1942)
Christiaan Cornelis-class
Z 3
Z 5-class
Bouclier (1940)(French "La Melpomène"-class)
Sloops and gunboats
Thor - class
Gruno-class (1914)
Flores-class (1926)
Johan Maurits van Nassau (1933)
Van Kinsbergen (1939)
K-class (1946)
Anti-submarine vessels and patrolboats
Submarinehunters A to F
Enern, Toern and Femern (1940)(Militarized Norwegian whalers)
Jean Frederic (1940)(French anti-submarine trawler)
Notre Dame de France (1940)(French anti-submarine trawler)
Higgins-boats (1941) (anti-submarine motor boats)
B-class (patrol craft)
Queen Wilhelmina (1942)(PC 461-class patrol craft)
Friso (1943)(Flower-class corvette)
Johan Maurits van Nassau (1943)(River-class frigate)
Coastal Defense Ships
Holland-class (1900)
Hertog Hendrik (1904)
Jacob van Heemskerck (1908)
Soerabaia-class (1910)
Armed Merchant Cruisers
Armed Merchant Cruisers
Merchant Aircraft Carriers
Gadila - class (1944)
Serdang (1897)(torpedo repair ship)
Zuiderkruis (1938)(depot ship)
Castor (1939)(repair ship)
Janssens (1939)(depot ship)
Poolster (1939)(seaplane tender)
Tankboot No.1 (1941)(oiler)
Barentsz (1941)(repair ship)
Op ten Noort (1942)(hospital ship)
Gouvernements Marine
Ships of the Gouvernements Marine

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